Now you are just steps from your first dropbinder tender

The single tender is for you to start your first offering. It is primarily aimed at small businesses trying out tenders for the first time. Here are just 1 user and 1 GB of storage available.

The basic subscription is aimed at medium-sized enterprises and municipalities where the demand for tenders typically is around 30 tenders a year. All basic functionality is available and an experienced medium sized tenderer will typically find this subscription adequate

The premium subscription is aimed at large enterprises and municipalities and government agencies, which often have several tenders running at a time. There is plenty of storage space and access to so many users that only few will be limited by this. Enhanced security via our text login service

With dropbinders White Label solution you can get dropbinders unique supply solution incorporated fully into your business. We put supply you with a fully integrated solution and support and put your company logo and colors on. This makes dropbinders tender solution part of the package you can offer your customers. When searching on your tenders, they are to be found in your company name rather than a provider. dropbinders procurement solution will be to yours

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